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car parking of the Emirates city towers

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car parking of the Emirates city towers

I have bought parking places with my apartments of Goldcrest Dreams.
price was 25.000. dhs , I paid 5000 dhs on booking and will pay 20.000 dhs on completion.

later,I wanted to buy more but the developer said that all sold.(C9)

What are you think about the car parking price in the future?And how can people parking who has no parking place? outside or should pay?

It is interesting because in Dubai Marina and JLT area every apartment has an own parking but we can not sale individualy just with the apartment.

EC is different, I can sell without the apartment.

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It's not correct for all towers

Dear Imre,
For example, Al Furqan Twin units sell with free parking space. Also, this price for Lavender is 20,000 Dhs.
In the otherside I know that the parking place og GTT tower in Dubai Silicon oasis is 48,000 Dhs.

Correction To Parking Place Price

Dear Admin....Al Furqan RE sells parking places in Al Furqan Twins for AED 20,000 each and not for free.

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Maybe this cost (20,000 Dhs)

Maybe this cost (20,000 Dhs) is accounted in the total price. But i saw an availability list that was written in the top and down of it; Free parking place and floor charge.

List was old

The list you saw was old. Now they sell at AED 375 psf + AED 20,000 parking but no floor charge.

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Imre, you are correct about

Imre, you are correct about JLT and Marina as these projects in Dubai and follow the rules implemented in the freehold law. When car park is purchased in Dubai projects, it will be registered latter on with the title deed of the appartment and one can not have a title deed of a car park as there is no freehold ownership of car parks. In Ajman, they are still new to freehold and there is no clear restriction on ownership of car park and appartments but the problem will come latter on when the people try to get a title of ownership from the land department.

Actually in Emirates city

Actually in Emirates city towers there were lot of issues occurring for car parking, it might be due to less space in that area. What is current price for parking in that area?
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