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Calling Admin & Moderators - Urgent Clean up Forum Required

Dear Admin & Moderators,

An urgent cleanup of this forum is required. Almost every forum and thread is now hijacked by unscrupulous advertisements and unrelated posts. These need to be deleted as and when they appear. People posting such advertisements and unrelated messages are like shameless thieves who have come to our funeral to steal our shrouds. The very thought that these people can use our forum for their stupid advertisments is disgusting. They need to be stopped. This used to be a supportive community united in their grief and their loss, let’s keep it this way.

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that is very true i delete

that is very true i delete about 5 a day but still i dont have the ability to block the users
i will try my best

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they are like lice we will

they are like lice

we will ask admin to find a way for moderators to ban them and auto delete all there posts

Musafir Moderator

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Cleaning this up as

Cleaning this up as amoderator is close to impossible, as each spam comment has to be deleted one by one. There must be a way to delete all comments by one poster in one click. Unfotunately I do not know the answer.

Admin, the way to prevent spam

dear admin,

i recommend one thing, you can adjust the membership settings so that new members will require an authorization from the admin first to become a member and then can post something

by the time, you can disable the spammer's membership, from the recent posts it can be seen easily,
if you disable the membership of those f*cking stupids, and then disable the automatic approval of new membership registration, they cannot simply register and send spams.

i hope the above will help to keep your valuable site cleaner.