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BONYAD DEVELOPERS LIMITED - The Absconding Fraudsters of Crystal Residency, Ajman.

So the developers of this project, who have gone bust and have come up with a number of excuses in the past 2 years (“our contractor ran away”, “we are looking at swap options”) appeared to have gone silent. Either they have escaped the emirates OR they have decided that since ARRA is no longer interested in pursuing the matter, why would they care?

I believe that the reason they have been sitting prettily over funds from us investors is as follows:

- No one has filed an official complaint with ARRA.
- No one has filed a police report
- No one has sued them for breach of contract

I have been following up with ARRA on this but no reply from them. The developers naturally have run away.

I would encourage you all, who invested in this project to write to ARRA and the developer. If this ever goes to court, a written mode of communication is a valid admission of evidence in the property courts and hence it is imperative that we have written documented proof of writing to the developer to give us an update to which they never responded.

The emails of the developers are as follows

The email at ARRA are as follows. This email disseminates the message to most of their officers.

Would be happy to hear from others who invested in this doomed project.



I am also following up with them and complained in ARRA before two years but no response. we need combined efforts against them.


Dear investors,

honest advise from real estate and litigation lawyer expert in UAE laws, the reality behind if you can recover your money from the developer depends on does the developer still existing in UAE and has any assets or monies in UAE?

if the answer is (yes) so it is good new and you can recover your money along with simple compensation through the legal solution by court or arbitration and court.

if the answer is (no) then it is not good news, if the developer is not available in the country any more then the legal solution will not help you because after you get many win judgments at end of the day you will not get anything just more loss to pay for lawyers and for court fees.

if you need any assistance send me email;

Bonyad Developers


Following your advise I am going to do that. I have invested in this project and paid 30% of the apartment value.



I filed cases against them in mid 2012. Still in the courts. I know from my conversations with the court administrative staff that there are numerous cases against Bonyad/Palm in Ajman court.

I had also invested & paid

I had also invested & paid 240K + to Palm RE for Orbit Towers in EC. I have a written complaint with ARRA & have their acknowledgment more that 2 yrs ago but have no response from them. Palm RE also do not answers to call these days. Their office name in Ajman is also changed.
Can we get together & lodge a Police Complaint againt Palm.

I already paid 185K to Palm

I already paid 185K to Palm Real Estates and last cheques paid to Orbit Intl Real Esate in 2009 and given written complaint to ARRA but I am not in U A E now. Now came to know that other some buildings are started constrcution and some handed over. Do you have any idea about about Orbit Tower ?

Any update

Does anyone know what is happening in Emirates City in relation to partially built projects. I won a case in court against Bonyad for Crystal Residency, but I do not know what benefit it is to me. How will I or others get any of our money back? What is ARRA doing apart from maintaining a list of projects?

Crystal Residency

Dear Br.

I want to congratulate you for winning the case against Bonyad. I wanted to sue them in courts but I had to leave Dubai. now I am in Qatar. I had invested 45% amount of the 2 BR flat cost. Please guide me what to do to get back the money as I desperately need it back.

Wishing you all the best

Ajmal safee

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hi mdanaher, im happy to hear

hi mdanaher,

im happy to hear that you won the case :) can you pls share your experience about the case, i mean what was the procedures, etc...!! btw ,construction of crystal residency was started or they didn't even dig the land ??

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Group Effort Needed.

I too have invested this this failed project. I originally asked for my money back in 2010 but i was told abruptly that the project had been cancelled by them. I then proceeded to write to ARRA and them to ask them to return my deposit and 1st installment but still not reply from them in 2014!

I have been told to go to Ajman courts to settle but its not easy for me because i live in the UK. And judging by the lack of communication in the ARRA and the project developers. It is very unwise to travel to Ajman because of the costs involved.

I would like some people whom invested in this project to get involved in producing a costing calculation for getting our money back and providing a way forward for those who have already been to a lawyer and gotten a case in the courts.

I would appreciate some feedback on this from all that have invested. Especially those living in the UK-London like myself.


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Does anyone care about getting your money back from these fraudsters? Seems like no-one is interested or posting anymore.........................................??

Whats the plan

I am interested. But how do we go about it?

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Whats the plan

I am interested but suggest how we can do about it, require more members to join the group and seek legal advise....

Hello every one Its not that

Hello every one
Its not that we are not interested or not caring about our money
Its just lack of informations from where to start and who to talk to
Also the distance is a problem
But we need to make a group
We need to unite
I am in dubai if any one like to meet and we can decide what to do if nit we can unite on skype
Kindly join us
email me at