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BL Properties Royal Lake Front Plot No. CB 11 in Emirates Lake Towers

Dear Friends,

I am new to the forum and had purchased two apartments from BL Properties in Royal Lake Front at Emirates Lake Towers. Master Developer CHAPAL, still have no news, looks like BL Properties is absconding can you please share with me if you have any information or update on the above project.

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Filed a court case for legal action

It cost me around 18000 AED (£5000) for lawyer and court expenses and I am awaiting the court decision which is due the end of this month. Lawyer is confident we will get the money back as he requested the account and the money to be frozen before proceedings.

I will update you on the outcome and if successful I will definitely share the information here in the hope that other people can retrieve their money back.



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wow..good for you

Only 18000 aed for everything... Who is your lawyer please..

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Don't count your chickens before they're hatched

The cost will go up of course as I agreed with the lawyer to pay him initial fees then an extra % if he wins the case and I get my money back, which is fair since I almost given up on the money.
I do not want people to take the risk I have taken unless I get some result otherwise I will feel guilty that you wasted more money for nothing, however as soon I get the court to rule in my favor (ruling is very soon) and I get access to the money I will share this and pass on my lawyer's details for those interested to go after BL Properties.


BL Properties


I have also purchased 2 apartments from BL and paid nearly 50%. I've been to ARRA to register claim case, but ARRA have had no updates for over 2 years. Please let me know how your claim goes, I would also like to go to court if it ends up worth doing it.

Mr MOhammed

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BL Properties

I received the news today that we won the case as expected (lawyer never has a doubt about the outcome), and now we have to wait 30 days (legal procedures) before trying to access the funds at the bank. I am still skeptical about this and will not believe it until I get the money in my hands. Once this happen I will put anyone interested with my lawyer who proved to be well connected and knows what he is doing so far.


BL Properties

Hi Arab Knight 7

Could you possibly confirm was anybody present representing BL Properties, or did the judge just give the decision in your favour without any argument from BL? I'm just wandering if they are still in UAE or have BL disappeared altogether.