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BL Properties -

BL Properties are fraudsters:

BL are trying to obtain more money from investors now by offering swaps to other failed projects, Such as Lilly tower/Lavender tower in Emirates city, or to Discovery gardens in dubai at more than double the rate that investors can buy apartments at if they went to other agents direct.

BL have lied time and time again about everything, and now are still sitting in offices trying to dupe more money by lying to existing and new investors. Please don't fall foul of there cons, please check with other agents as to what prices you can buy already developed apartments.

The Ajman Authoritys are an absolute waste of space and ARRA might as well save electricity and paying wages to totally incompetent idiots. They may as well put a few monkeys in the office, they would be more pleasent to deal with. ARRA have let BL have a free hand in conning as much money as possible, and now have given them even more time to conn more by trying to offer swaps. How long are they going to keep up this game of conning and delay tactics.

Has anyone gone to court or going to court against BL Properties against anyone of their failed projects? Would like to know what has happened in court, or if anyone has got any new updates from their dodgy BL staff?

Many Thanks

hi what price per square


what price per square foot are they offering in lavender and lilies ?

and how is the payment being worked out........... are they deducting what you have paid to BL

The new proposal in Dubai

The new proposal in Dubai would estimate to be £129500 per unit from BL. Yeh they are taking into account 25% max deposit that can be carried over, but for around £60'000 you can buy in the exact same block same size flat. So why would we want to really pay more than double and then get duped into giving double our hard earned money. This swap business is just another way to get money out from investors - who have already lost a fortune. BL have spent next to nothing and literally scammed as much as possible because they know that the Ajman government is doing nothing to stop their scams.

This large apartment available for sale in Mogul Discovery Garden features an attractive layout with generous size of square feet and this is one of the most affordable investment opportunities...

Type: 1 Bed (Apartment)
Size: 1,128 sq.ft.
Location: Mogul - Discovery Gardens

Price AED 340,400
USD 92,800
GBP 58,416
EURO 66,559

Please stop these crooked games of trying to dupe further monies from investors. If you no longer can maintain your positions in the property market , just leave and don't play games with investors. I am very disappointed at BL Properties and untrustworthy employees.

Your proposals amount to nothing more than another fraudelent act to rip of more funds. You are knowing trying to exploit an already existing volitile fruadulent situation.

Please donot accept proposal of swap

Please donot accept their proposal of swap,
we have to insist for the refund of our payments,
as they failed to complete their project as mentioned in their SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement)