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B6 Tower - Electricity Bills for July

Dear All,

Yesterday I received electricity bill for the month of July around 1500 AED (plus 300 for Water & Sewerage). The amount is more than double of my previous bills. Also checked with neighbors , few of them got 3000 AED and 4000 AED. I am planning to complain to Ajman Municipality and vacate the flat soon and I suggest don't chose B6 Tower.

Check the electricity meter

You should check the electricity meters at the beginning and end of month. Confirm the recent reading with what is written on the bill.

The meter reading are correct

The meter reading are correct but the consumed unit was very high. During Ramadan we almost stayed in our home and the electricity came only 600 AED but in July we were not in the house for nearly 10 days and bill amount around AED 1,500. It seems they have some wrong metering system.

Compliant to Ajman

Compliant to Ajman municipality will be useful and do not let them steal our monies in terms of EB water and sewerage; all of them must make compliant in writing to Ajman municipality together.

when Water Meter will be fixed ?

Any one have idea about it

water meter

At the time of hand over 1500 dhs. We have paid towards electricity and water meter fixing charges, if I am correct. Out of that electricity meter is fixed. But water water meter yet to be done. O/A should take up this matter with Best options at the earliest. Secondly, the cut off dates for charging Maintenance charges and drainage charges at present the billing is from 2015 irrespective of when the hand over is taken. O/A, pls. comment.

B6 - electricity bill very HIGH Aug

any help please , was away for 15 days and i had a bill for 1300 dhs , is that possible , the average before july for 2 year was from 200 to 400 per month , did anyone complaint did it help please , let us know , because i believe , we can do something , since best option , is the broker and the service provider , is considered as a monopoly in the investment laws , in the uae , and we need to gather to find solutions , i live in Paradise Lake B6 , kindly contact me on , so we have the fundamentals to limit the service abuse , in our favor , please we have to take a step otherwise , it will be our fault


go to best option and complain. tell them it is illogical to have such a bill (unless you are aggressive in using AC)let them change your meter. you can also ask them to charge you on 50 fils basis rather than 75 fils. gathering will not change the current situation. we need to pass time as possible till FEWA becomes available. we hope it will be within 6 to 8 months, before next summer hopefully. be smart and try to overtake this obstacle individually. group action will not be helpful (past experience). thanks

How to change the tariff

Is it that simple to change the tariff. By simply asking them to charge you 50 fils instead of 75, will they do it?

not guaranteed, but deserve a try

not guaranteed, but deserve a try.

B6 Tower - Electricity Bill

Hai All,

I got an information about electricity bill is too high in Emirates city. Now I am planning to move Emirates city so please help me with a clear clarification.