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B4 progress

Dear friends

Can anyone advise as to whether B4 has made any further progress in the last 30 days. Please advise which floor construction is at and whether there is daily construction activity at the site.

Many thanks

Come on guys

Come on guys. Someone must be able to update. Sweethomes don't even respond to emails. Such poor customer service it's unbelievable.

there is progress

yes there is a progress, but unable to measure the pace. i dont think it is as fast as it should be. always see labors doing sth. but i dont think it will be ready in 4 years if continue in this pace

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From the random pictures I don't think there is any work on B2,B3,B4,B7 and B8.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much

b4 progress

Hi guys, I have visited the site (B4) in mid May, and it still the same as Jan 2015!
Have anyone noticed any recent progress, or anyone has been informed of a new handover date?
Will appreciate any feedback.

slow progress

there was concrete and block works last month. however, general progress is very slow. same for B7 and B8 which will be hardly possible to be delivered end of 2016 as Sh always keep promising

B7 Ready Soon

B7 will be ready soon. B8 might need till end of 2017 according to the current status. progress become faster than before in B2, B3, B4, but will not be ready till end of 2018, i think. Dawn of 2019 might be the completion date of B row, except B1 which is not for Sweethomes. B1 site is still SAND