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Are you interested to win a case against a sweet homes company? Do you want to return your money?

Are you interested to win a case against a sweet homes company?
First: please find the attached file is judgement against sweet homes company.
We are one of the Famous law firms in UAE, licensed to offer legal consultancy as per international standards and litigation under one roof in all courts in the UAE .
We provide our clients with comprehensive legal solutions through our expert team of advisors and partners, with the objective of maximizing value to our stakeholders, including clients, employees, business partners and society. We focus on giving our clients the quality of service they deserve, in order to put them on the right track. We correspond in English and Arabic languages, and possess personal contacts at senior levels in major Federal & Local Governments, Ministries, Government Institutions, Rulers Courts, Chambers of Commerce and Free Trade Zones.
Our specialties:
TheReal Estate Lawyer provides advice and assistance on every type of transaction affecting real estate property. Our expertise in this area of law includes counseling on matters involving the Acquisition, Entitlement, Development, Construction, Financing, Operation, Lease and Disposition of real estate.
Real Estate Lawyers in Dubai have broad experience and knowledge across a full range of real estate matters, from Construction Contracts to Property Litigation and Arbitration, enabling them to deal effectively with any problem and develop adequate strategies.
Wail Elkhdir
legal consultant
call and wattsa +971505935319