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Any update on Etisalat in B6?

Etisalat in B6
upon contacting Etisalat i was told that the delay is from building management.
can anybody confirm this?

Best option management deny

Best option management deny this. They say if Etisalat provided service in B5, then why not in B6

I went to etisalat main

I went to etisalat main office today morning. They told me your building manage ment needs to provide " block wiring certificate" , which means that their internal wiring is according to etisalat specifications. They have not applied for this inspection yet. Once they will apply for inspection, it will take only 3-4 days to issue the certfiicate.

thanks For Info Drirfanorth

thanks For Info Drirfanorth

Things are not clear. Nobody

Things are not clear. Nobody takes the responsibility. I talked to the engineer Zia of best options, he advised me to talk to Mr Mahtab, who is supposed to be "Facilities Manager". He did'nt know anything about it. He told me to talk to Mr Waleed who is collecting bills for electricity. He said the problem is from etisalat side. They have not completed the cable work. They left the cable near the building but did not finish their job. So it is a blame game. Etisalat putting blame on building management and vice versa. Ultimate we the residents are suffering.
I think someone should complain to ARRA about this


i talked to etisalat guy and waleed today. both told me that Best option should provide some documents to etisalat. then etisalat will commence. Waleed is following up and he will get back to me with an update after 2 days. i will keep you updated

Not this year

I talked to the engineer about 1 month before and again i talked to him today. It is same status.
What he told me that etisalat have changed their policy. They have brought the cable near to the building but not connected to the buildings' internal wiring. They are asking the building management to this job . It is against the previous policy (B5) when Etisalat was doing all this by themselves. This process of connecting the cable to internal wiring has to be done by technical professionals and it costs around 60-70K. Now sweet homes are doing negotiations with Etisalat to fully or partially bear the cost.
What we should expect is " Not this year"