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Ajyal Residency - PLOT D16

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Dear All,

Is there any news about Ajyaal Residency Plot D16 in Emirates City. Has the plot being cancelled. Our developer Ajyal Holding LLC POBOX # 15100 ran away and the construction was (i guess ) not even started? Has anybody got any news if the construction on plot D16 (Ajyaal Residency) was started. What are our chances ??

Please get in touch with me directly if someone wants to Visit ARAA office . we go together 0557226496.


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If I was living in UAE

If I was living in UAE I would camp in Arra office until they have answers for all this daylight robbery...


HI had 40 unit in this project and paid 2000000 dhs near 9 years ago . do you have any information about this project ?
how and where could i complain ?

This is the thing that where

This is the thing that where to complain. I think better to call R holdings and ask about Ajyaal residency. i am going to do the same thing. And will update here to everyone. how they cannot give us information about our own money.


As ARRA office says that Ajyaal did not open any account with us . so we cannot help you in this matter. It seems like we are responsible Seriously!!! IT MEANS anyone can come to UAE and start constructing any building collect money from people and ran away. Really pathetic that's how UAE wants people to ruin their future. UAE government is responsible for this fraud.