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3BHK, 1405 sq.ft. brand new apartment in B-9 Paradise lakes towers for rent.

3BHK, 1405 sq.ft.brand new apartment in B-9 Paradise lakes towers (20th floor facing emirates road) is available for rent immediately. Contact email or pls give ur contact.

Paradise lake apartment are

Paradise lake apartment are not going for rental due to internet facility, swimming pool, and high charged of electricity and water I am also waiting for tenant in my 2bhk apartment
People are visiting to Apartment and not willing to take decision due to above and others

Hi, Aditha- electricity and water charges

how much best options charging for electricity and water as i know and mentioned in forum earlier supposed to be 50 fils/KW instead of 75 and for the water is is based on consumption , the issue i have my tenant has some pending payments not settled regarding water and electricity and he saying best options charging high amounts and this not justified so i want know what the reasonable rate that most of residents pay in paradise lake towers particularity for electricity to push him pay and avoid any pending payments related to my flat.

High electricity rates

Mr Aditha is right. My apartment also vacant since more than 3 months. No tenant coming due to these factors. The electricity bills received this month are charged at 75 fils

high utility charges.

Market is really bad. Supply is more and demand is less. Above all here there is no transparency in dealings. If you can fight it out with these guys then the charges are 50fils and dhs.100 for electricity and water respectively, according to MHMD. There is no transparency in dealings. This scares the situation for tenants. The Owners association is already constituted . They should negotiate with Best options on infrastructure tariff and make it public for all owners so that the question of fight doesn't come. Whether they have done something like that or not is known. Etisalat connection is another big issue. This is big one so far as tenant is concerned. Prospective tenants are shying away due to all these reasons, leave apart market situation.

Right Kpr15

utility charges should be unified rather every one getting different rates and charges as the services provider is same , i think owners association should discuss the issue and update the owners accordingly if the association is exists since the issue will make a big issue and make losses for the owners those bought these flats to rent them out as tenants will run away due to these unreasonable rates and charges

Thanks kpr15 for reply and

Thanks kpr15 for reply and market slowdown is one side and other side we have problems with bestoptions threatening tenant and due to this I lost one good person in last month he vacated the flat month of march 2017
I feel the first mistake of investing to this apartment was bad decision and this is keep continuing without any financial benefit
Thanking you
With best regards

Hi, Aditha

there is other issue we face as investors we live outside UAE with best options as they are not collecting their utility bills on timely manner due to some disputes and disagreements with tenants regarding to rates of the bills and the owner will find out later there are some pending utility bills not paid by the tenant and if the tenant already left the apartment i think this will end up at the court as the owner will not be pay the utility bills in behalf of the tenant so if other members can also sharing their experiences in handling such cases will be useful as already started facing this problem although the tenant did leave yet but he is not paying the utility bills due to these disagreements and disputes with best options .

Best options are worst options

Yes Abu Sajid you are right. They are not doing any effort to collect the bills. When i rented my apartment in end of 2015, i informed them and asked about the bills.They assured me that they will disconnect the utility supplies if a tenant does not pay the bill for more than 2 months. I was satisfied after that and i did not pursue the tenant .
At the end of contract the tenant left and i found that he did not pay bills for one full year. It accumulated to be AED 10000. Best options refused to help me and I had no option other than to pay the bills myself.

Hi, Drirfanorth

I thinks its a big mistake paying the tenants utility bills as will end up with Big zero from our investments on these apartments and as you said best options sole responsibility to disconnect the utility supplies if the tenant did not pay the due amounts and not waiting for one year or more to start follow up and claiming their payments as well i thinks all owners should unify their effort to fix the issue as it seems all owners rented their apartments out soon or later will face the issue and will lose their hard earned money invested in these apartments . below my e-mail please drop me your number to share ideas about this issue.

Paradise lakes Tower Issues

Dear Investors,
I aware you already lost enough money and Health as well but I have no option. Sorry to post my comment. I shifted to B6 Tower recently and came to know about the Internet issue later. We are suffering lot without net connection. We have below serious problem in the Tower and I am planning to break my contract.
1. No internet connection
2. No network coverage for Etisalat
3. High Electricity, utility bills and deposits (AED 3500 for Electricity and 1800 for Sewarage)
4. No easy access for groceries and other services
5. No Swimming pool, gym

Dear Prabakaran Pl contact me

Dear Prabakaran
Pl contact me in umakokatgmaildotcom to discuss more in detail I am planning
Thanks umapathy fr chennai

Owners in PLTs suffering the most

I am also suffering a lot because of sweet homes and their subsidiary " best Options". I am owner of two apartments in paradise lakes, one in B5 and other in B6.
In B6, my tenant ran away without paying full one year utility bills. I had to pay the bills myself. In my other flat in B5 also the tenant is not paying the bills. Best Options are not doing anything to receive the bills from him in spite of my repeated reminders. I am helpless.
Now my B6 flat is vacant since 5 months in spite that I involved best options for renting the flat and also i tried myself by giving Ad on dubizzle. I am regularly receiving water and sewerage bills for the vacant flat.
We must do something unanimously. My email is and my No is 050-5606961

Hi, drifanorth many questions need answers

Yeah , its a big issue particularly for the utility bills that not paid by the tenants and many questions here need answers firstly why Best options not disconnecting the services from day one if the tenants did not pay the due amounts and inform the owners immediately and secondly why best options will wait for one year or more and let the owners know by accident there are pending utility bills not paid thirdly if we want file complaint regarding this issue to who we should submit it ? to ARRA or go for legal option fourthly what the owners association take on this problem or their actions if any as well we all as owners should unify our efforts as i mentioned earlier to counter this problem since soon or later all will face this issue of pending utility bills not paid by tenants who already left the apartments and run away