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Latest summary of members' profile

Dear All Friends,
A new section was launched. Before that i summerize the profile of members and report it as the latest statistics of members periodically. Now You can see a breif of personal information of all members updated automatically in one page every time you want.
These informations are included nationality, country of residence and the name of towers which they have bought unit(s) in it.
Refer to:
Hope i can maintain the forum updated and improve it gradually. You can help me with your suggestions.
At present, Our main problem is the hosting of this website. till now i couldn't find a good shared host with high max concurrent connections to mysql database. Maybe i have to use VPS because of high number of online members especially in the future, Insha Allah.

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Latest Statistics of community/forum members

After 3 months of launching this website,
Total members: 139
UAE Resident members: 51
Inactive members: 11

We have the friends from 31 nationalities in this virtual community as following:
1. Indian 27
2. British & Iranian: each one 24
3. Pakistani 12
4. Canadian 6
5. Emirian, French, German, Palestinian & Somali: each one 3
6. Egyptian & South African: each one 2
7. Australian, Bangladeshi, Belgian, Dominican, Dutch, Finish, Hungarian, Iraqi, Italian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Liechtensteiner, Norwegian, Seychellois, Sri Lnakan, Swedish, Syrian, Turk, Yemeni: Each one 1 member

On basis of Tower:
A01: 5, A02: 3, A03: 2
A14: 1
B03: 2, B04: 4, B05: 3, B06: 2, B07: 1, B08: 6, B09: 1
B15: 3, B16: 4, B18: 4, B20: 1, B21: 1, B22: 5
C01: 2, C05: 1, C06: 1, C07: 2, C09: 2
C11: 1, C12: 2, C14: 1, C16: 1, C17: 3, C19: 4, C21: 2, C22: 3, C23: 1
D01: 9, D02: 4, D03: 2, D04: 3, D05: 1, D06: 4
D14: 1, D21: 1
F2: 2
Ajman one: 1, Rashidiya Copmlex (B3): 1

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My Dubai Properties Website

Dear friends who have property in Dubai,
The was launched. It's like this website but about Dubai projects.
Maybe It has error. Please inform me.
Thanks :) ;)

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Private Message System (PMS) launched

Dear all friends,
I added a new tool to our community.
It allows to members to send private messages to each other.

- read/write/delete messages
- reply to message with quoting
- new messages support (block and page)
- folders
- pruning
- contact list
- option to get mail if you have unread messages

Refer to the left side menu and click on "My inbox".

Thanks :)

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Construction Updates!

Nearly half of the members are residents of UAE. It would be nice if we could get more construction update pictures on the forum... maybe atleast on weekly basis. I wonder if it would be possible for some resident members to take pictures and post them here?!

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Members by points

dwarish 120
Ajman Bound 57
Perseus 56
djamel05 45 (His comments were vey useful.)
qeshmi 44
I 2 Ajman 33
The Emirates City 30
Smitty 30
Parham 25
yusuf 22

The above list is just about members by points more than 20. So i appreciate all who contribute in discussion and add image and content to this website.

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Chapal The Presidency

Just another Tower launch update for those interested , Chapal World will be launching new 51 story tower sometime this month called "The Presidency", to be located on plot "D6" on Emirates Road. I have already purchased an apartment there last week, although it is not released to sales/marketing agents yet, it is being sold at 14% prelaunch discount directly from developer. (800-Chapal)

The Presidency has a different design compared to their 2 previous towers which were identical. This is the only render i could find:

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Dear All membered friends,
Please contribute in the voting (in the right side of main page). The result of voting will help us to understand better the situation of Emirates City after completion.
In the other side, you can gain 5 points for every vote.

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Latest statistics of membership

Total members: 35 persons
Inactive members: 5
Resident members: 18
Members with 2 flats: 3
Members with no flats: 5

Members' country:
1. India & Pakistan: each one 7 persons (7+7)
2. Iran 5
3. Canada & UK: each one 3
4. Somalia 2
5. Palestine, UAE, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Hungary, Norway, Finland: each one 1

Members' Tower
1. Paradise Lakes Towers: 9 persons
2. Goldcrest Dreams I & II Towers: 8
3. Lavender: 5
4. Lilies, Al-furqan (twin towers) & Venice: each one 2
5. Rose, Glory & Shami (twin towers): each one 1 person
6. others: 2 persons

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